The School of Ancient Wisdom, located just outside of Bangalore, is a peaceful and tranquil haven dedicated to the pursuit of personal development of both the body and the mind. This is done with a focus on meditation, yoga and mindfulness. The school aims to develop these ancient practices and allow for their integration within our modern lives. Visiting the school give you the chance to get back to basics - decompress and unplug from technology while you enjoy the simple life in this gorgeous, but basic, oasis in the middle of the busy city. Everything from the beds to the food have been thoughtfully designed to help you live your best Ayurvedic life!

The School of Ancient Wisdom aims to provide a sanctuary for the promotion of knowledge and research into holistic understandings of health and well-being. The serenity of the school allows for a focus on developing human potential through spiritual teachings. The school provides the opportunity to take a step back from the complexities of modern life and embrace the ancient knowledge.