We at SLV.Global love to receive feedback from our volunteers. Whether it's about what made their placement great, or how we can improve for the future, it's all incredibly useful and appreciated. 

We've learned so much over the years, and the organisation we have grown to be has been hugely influenced by the observations of our volunteer teams and we are really grateful for the honesty and candour of our previous, and current, participants.  

We know that nothing we can say about what we do will ever be as compelling as the words of our actual volunteer teams, which is why we ask all of our participants to write feedback on public forums, so it's out there for everyone to see. If you're trying to decide whether or not to join us abroad, please check out the accounts of our previous volunteer team members to hear the truth, bugs and all. 

Where to find reviews 

+ Facebook

Most volunteers find the easiest way to let the world know about their time with us is to post on our Facebook page . We've got over 600 reviews and you'll get a really balanced, and realistic, idea of what to expect from our placements from previous volunteers.


Volunteers also like to post feedback about us on


We've been rated one of's Top Volunteer Abroad Programs of 2017 and 2018! We're really proud of this accolade and if you want to check what volunteers have had to say you can check it out here.

How to spot a credible review

+ Consider the date 🤔

Please always look at the most recent feedback for the most relevant information. As an organisation we're always working to improve so, of course, feedback left in 2013 or 2015 might not be entirely accurate today.

+ Consider the source 🤔

Please always check that the author has real, first-hand experience before putting too much stock in it. We have had a few reviews from individuals who have never been away with us and who have no actual, practical knowledge of what we do. Please take this feedback with a grain of salt, as their experience of us is hugely limited.

+ Consider the content 🤔

Please remember that some things are just completely out of anyone's control. If feedback is about how hot the country is or how cramped the buses are, please take that on board, but consider that we are unable to change these things, nor would we want to, as it's all part of the experience.

Of course we're always here in the London office to answer any further queries you may have on [email protected] Thank you in advance for researching us as an organisation. We hope to have you on the team soon. Alternatively, if you've already been on our team, please go ahead and leave us some feedback if you haven't already.