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Looking for an incredible Psychology Placement opportunity? Look no further!

Our placements focus on promoting positive mental health, which is why they are Mental Health Placements, not Psychology Placements, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t just as recognised and relevant for Psychology students, graduates and people who are passionate about global mental health.

Not only do our placements provide hugely valuable psychology work experience and a unique insight into global mental health, but they also give participants the chance to get truly immersed in a vibrant, exciting culture. Everybody wins!

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A Traditional Psychology Placement

Psychology Placements for undergraduates are often a schemes facilitated through your university, which allow you to take some time during your studies to gain practical experience within the sector. Lasting anywhere from a few months to a year, a psychology placement can set you on your way to an exciting and fulfilling career in mental health, whichever role you may choose.

These psychology placements for students aim to increase your current skill set and employability post-graduation by giving you a taste of what life in your chosen field is really like. There’s nothing like getting out fro behind the books and getting your hands dirty to really induct you into life in the industry.

We have students from a huge amount of disciplines join us, as the experience we offer is as varied as it is exciting. Whether you study psychology, SEN, social sciences, medicine or nursing our Mental Health Placements are relevant to not only your current skill set, but can also help you develop a whole arsenal of new skills too.

Of course there are also Psychology Placements for Graduates too, although they tend to be less common, as placements are typically required as part of study, but they are not unheard of. We have graduates join us on our placements abroad year-round to help gain practical experience and to sharpen skills before joining the workforce or applying for further education.

Psychology Placement vs Mental Health Placement

What’s the difference? Good question. Mostly just semantics. The majority of universities count our Mental Health Placement the same way they would a Psychology Placement and that’s because you get all this:

+ Over 40 hours of hands-on experience

This is not a drill. Depending on how long you join us for you'll be gaining a HUGE amount of hands-on experience. All project sessions are planned by yourself and your team and you can get as creative as you like with your ideas. Push yourself, challenge your ideas, try new things.

+ Training, talks and trips

Your whole first week is dedicated to training you up to work as successfully as possible in a totally new culture. Local NGOs and mental health workers, along with our team, give you all the tools you need to be successful working in Sri Lanka or Bali.

You'll have the chance to take part in weekly workshops on topics like meditation, creative therapy, trauma from a Sri Lankan perspectve to help you in your work in Sri Lanka, Bali and beyond.

+ An intensely immersive cross-cultural experience

This is work experience with a difference and that difference is that you're in Sri Lanka or Bali. From eating with your hands to taking cold showers, you'll legit live like a local. This is once in a lifetime opportunity to completely immerse yourself in another culture. This placement is not for tourists, but for people with a genuine love and curiosity for different ways of life.

+ An education in global mental health

This point cannot be overstated. Many of us come from an educational background where we have been taught to think that "West is best". However, this placement will open your eyes and your mind to other ways of looking at prevention and treatment of mental health concerns.

There is much we can learn from other approaches and methodologies and the best way to experience this is up close and in person. No mental health system is perfect, but knowing this and challenging your own ideas of what you think treatment should be and what it looks like is hugely valuable to not only you, but your future clients.

So Why Don’t we Call it a Psychology Placement?

Simple! The work we do aims to promote positive mental health, which in turn is psychologically beneficial for all. However, in the countries where we work, psychologists are in the minority with less than 15 for Sri Lanka’s 22.5 million people with only one university in the whole of the country offering psychology as a field of study. In Indonesia there are less than 460 psychologists in residence for a population of 260 million!

The work we do is of huge psychological benefit to a population being largely treated pharmacologically by psychiatrists. But to say that we run Psychology Placements in countries where psychology is still in its infancy can be confusing and can imply to local professionals that we are not working within the confines of the existing system or that we are trying to take jobs away, neither of which are true.

The proof is in the pudding and our Five Year Evaluation Report demonstrates the positive impact we are having with our work, so you can call us whatever you like. If you’d like to be part of this exciting initiative, we’d love to speak with you! Get involved by pushing the button below!

Psychology Placement Blogs

These blogs explore various topics to do with taking part in our Mental Health Placement to fulfil course criteria. Many of them relate to how relevant participating in an SLV.Global placement is to a career in psychology, so please read up! Then please apply to join us. We'll wait.


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Our SLVeterans

All of our SLVeterans are former SLV.Global volunteers who joined our team to get psychology work experience and have the experience of a lifetime. Many joined us during their studies as part of a year in industry or a Psychology Placement.

These inspiring individuals have all utilised the psychology-related work experience they gained during their time volunteering with us in different ways to help further their careers and/or progress in their studies. We're so proud of all of our past team members and are consistently impressed by what they achieve.

Here you can take a look at some of what our former team members have been up to since their placement concluded. If you were on our team before and want to showcase your achievements since, please get in touch with Aurora on [email protected] and we'll happily add you to this prestigious group of SLVIPs!