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There are a range of psychology jobs out there and these roles are certainly not a "one size fits all." It's important that you decide what kind of role you are best suited to, so that you can be effective in your role and offer a level of support you feel comfortable with. Here are a selection of psychology jobs which may be right for you. 

Healthcare Assistant

These roles are primarily focused on personal interactions with clients residing in care. You may be based at a psychiatric facility, a rehabilitation centre, a specialised private care centres or even a client's home. These roles involve providing a social outlet for clients, delivering meals and administering medication and assisting the medical team in their duties. This role can be challenging, but are also rewarding. All Healthcare Assistants (HCAs) undergo a high level of mandatory training before they are permitted to work with clients. This training prepares them to deal with behavioural difficulties and teaches de-escalation techniques and basic CPR.  


The primary function of a befriender is to work with individuals with long term mental health conditions that suffer from isolation. This role also usually includes training, although sometimes this needs to be funded by the individual. Befrienders are matched with an individual and meets with them a few times during the week to offer regular, community-based support, companionship and encouragement. This can help clients become more independent and increase confidence. Befrienders often take clients out to the movies, to Bingo or other social events to improve overall wellbeing and self-esteem. 

Support Worker

Mental health support workers focus on people with long term mental health problems. The support they provide is to assist people in the community who have mental health issues to adjust to life outside of a hospital. The main role is to support individuals who have spent some time as inpatients in a psychiatric facility to live as independently as possible. This work is predominantly support- based and involves providing advice and guidance as well as social support. Support workers usually have multiple clients at one time and work in a variety of settings. 

Assistant Psychologist

Assistant psychologist positions, which exist to provide support to clinical psychologists, are highly competitive and are primarily for psychology graduates looking to pursue the clinical doctorate themselves. Assistant psychology jobs are viewed by most as a step towards becoming a clinical psychologist, as the ability to work so closely with a clinical professional affords a huge amount of relevant experience. Typical responsibilities of an Assistant Psychologist are; assessments, writing reports and analysing research, implementing treatment under supervision and administrating psychological tests and evaluating progress of patients.