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Psychology internships are an exciting way to work within the mental health sector under the direct tutelage and guidance of a mental health professional. Quite often these opportunities are offered out by individual therapists who are looking for help within their individual practices. 

Working as a psychologist is a big job and Assistant Psychologist posts are not as common outside the UK. In North America it is more common to secure an internship with a practice or an organisation offering mental health treatment to the public. With an internship you could find yourself on-boarding new clients, managing patient records and treatment plans and shadowing a psychologist or psychiatrist. 

A lot of internships can be unconventional and will have you doing everything from alphabetising the file cabinet to making the coffee, but believe it or not, this is valuable experience. The inner workings of private practice are intriguing and something not everyone gets to see, so if you're able to grab one of these opportunities make sure you understand that you may be doing a lot of day-to-day jobs that might not use your skills as a budding psychologist to the full. But the pros far outweigh the cons, so stick it out and soak up as mush as you can from these elusive opportunities. 

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