If you’ve got a passion for psychology we can provide you with the opportunity to add meaning and focus to your year out. On our Mental Health Placement you’ll gain valuable, practical psychology work experience whilst being immersed in a unique and exciting culture. You’ll get to explore a stunning country at the same time as beefing up your knowledge and your CV.

It’s been proven that those who take time out, either before or during their studies, and who participate in a structured program, like ours, perform better at university. In fact, in the United Kingdom and in the United States, students who had taken a Gap Year were more likely to graduate with higher grade point averages than observationally identical individuals who went straight to college, and this effect was seen even for gap year students with lower academic achievement in high school. (Crawford and Cribb 2012, Clagett 2013).

Students who engage in meaningful, supported, career-specific work during their time out from university also increase their employability. As many as 80% of students who took a year out reported that they felt they built and honed skills like self-awareness, confidence, effective communication, independence and teamwork, which in turn made them better candidates for employment and more effective employees.

So…now that you know the stats, what are you waiting for? If you answer “yes” to any of the below questions, make sure to request an Info Pack to get all the details.

  • Are you looking to add meaning to a gap year?

  • Are you a current or future student wanting to gain some practical experience to compliment your theoretical knowledge?

  • Are you passionate about mental health and looking to enhance your experience level?


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