SLV.Global Press!

Many universities are celebrating their students achievements on placement with us and have published news articles about what it's like to volunteer on one of our teams.  



"The placements provide psychology students and graduates with the chance to gain hands-on mental health work experience whilst being immersed in a different culture."

- University of Liverpool


"Not only has Veronica utilised and developed important skills in her chosen field of study but she has also developed an in depth understanding of mental health from an additional cultural perspective."

- University of Bristol


"As a psychology student, it is really crucial to gain hands-on work experience in order to stand out in an incredibly competitive field."

- University College London


In the lime light!

We are proud to be featured in articles by a number of prominent organisations


“By going in with warmth, empathy and acceptance - core conditions that are essential to any therapeutic alliance- we can create the right environment to have fundamental human experiences such as sharing a laugh, a smile or simply a quiet moment sitting together.” - Tom Previous SLV.Global Volunteer


“Lucy believes that if done correctly volunteering can be life-changing in a fantastic way” - Company Magazine


Aliya explains that she thinks living in a homestay with a Sri Lankan family is a really really great idea. It gives volunteers that opportunity to become fully engaged with a different culture and to live life like a local. - BBC