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We're proud and privileged to have so many global universities, and various media outlets, like the BBC endorsing our placements. Below you can find a selection of articles in publications, both nationally and internationally, which discuss in depth how the work we do benefits the local community, as well as provides the opportunity for psychology students and graduates to work multi-culturally as they gain valuable psychology work experience. 


"The placements provide psychology students and graduates with the chance to gain hands-on mental health work experience whilst being immersed in a different culture."

- University of Liverpool


"Not only has Veronica utilised and developed important skills in her chosen field of study but she has also developed an in depth understanding of mental health from an additional cultural perspective."

- University of Bristol


"They not only utilised and developed important psychological skills but also developed an in depth understanding of mental health from an additional cultural perspective"

- The Australian National University


"As a psychology student, it is really crucial to gain hands-on work experience in order to stand out in an incredibly competitive field."

- University College London


"During their placement, volunteers from all over the globe ran therapeutic activity sessions in psychiatric facilities for individuals suffering from a range of mental health concerns. In addition to their time at the hospital, volunteers also worked at numerous government run schools and social initiatives for children with disabilities and taught English in the local community."

- The University of Warwick


"Today’s psychology students are all too aware of how important it is to gain hands-on work experience in order to stand out in an incredibly competitive field. Having a working understanding of global mental health is therefore a huge benefit in order to demonstrate understanding and respect for different cultures in our multicultural society."

- The University of Sheffield


‘’The amount of mental health experience I was able to gain was incredible and would be almost impossible to get in the UK. Every day varied from planning and implementing therapeutic sessions on mental health and special needs projects, to teaching English in the local Sri Lankan community."

- The University of Essex

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"SLV.Global provides an excellent opportunity for mental health volunteer work for anyone interested in gaining experience in the field of global mental health. Through my placement, working with individuals on a variety of different projects, I was continually surprised by the variety of new things I learned on a daily basis… For me personally, having the opportunity to sit alongside a psychiatrist working in the field... was equally humbling and eye-opening.”  - Megan, Alumni Volunteer


“By going in with warmth, empathy and acceptance - core conditions that are essential to any therapeutic alliance- we can create the right environment to have fundamental human experiences such as sharing a laugh, a smile or simply a quiet moment sitting together.”

- Tom, SLV.Global Volunteer (2017)


“I was overwhelmed to see patients participating in daily activities such as cooking and cleaning, often completing these tasks along with their families, […]. I wonder if, within the NHS, we need to learn from our mental health colleagues in ‘developing’ countries? After all, it is no secret that activity, inclusion and identity encourage recovery and positive mental health.”

- Kirsty MacDonald, SLV.Global Participant (2019)


“Lucy believes that if done correctly volunteering can be life-changing in a fantastic way”

- Company Magazine


Aliya explains why she thinks living in a homestay with a Sri Lankan family is a really great idea. It gives volunteers that opportunity to become fully engaged with a different culture and to live life like a local.


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