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Clinical and Ancient Psychology Program

Our exciting, one-of-a-kind program in India is for those with a keen interest in global mental health and is comprised of two parts. The first is a week-long immersive educational experience, which provides a unique and unparalleled insight into global mental health treatment at one of the most prestigious psychiatric hospitals and higher education institutions in all of Asia.

Part two is a tour of southern India that begins by exploring the lush tea plantations and expansive wildlife conservatories of Ooty and culminates drifting dreamily along the epically exquisite backwaters of Kerala.

Both parts of this program are designed to give participants a greater understanding of mental health treatment abroad and how various cultural and environmental factors can influence understanding of mental health and impact approaches to treatment. 

Week One

 This week was designed for those with a passion for global mental health who are looking for an opportunity to expand their knowledge further.

Run in partnership with National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience NIMHANS and the School of Ancient Wisdom, our program is facilitated by renowned clinical psychologists and psychiatrists, many of whom double as yogis, and are equally passionate about Ancient Eastern modalities, like mindfulness, Ayurveda and yoga. Through five actively informative and immersive days you'll be invited to explore, more closely, how ancient Eastern techniques can complement modern methods to treat mental health concerns, in both clinical and community settings.

You'll have the exclusive chance to tour the impressive NIMHANS facilities and enjoy an audience with many of its clinicians, who will speak with you on a variety of topics around how India treats mental health issues both medically and culturally.  You'll also visit the Neuropathology Brain Museum, where you can get up close and personal with the grey matter itself (brains), and participate in interactive workshops on topics ranging from meditation to multicultural perspectives in work with children and adolescents. 

These five jam-packed days of knowledge exchange are topped off with a relaxing weekend in Mysore, where you can switch off and soak up some of India's infamous beauty and buzz. 

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Week One Sample Schedule

  • A clinical perspective into mindfulness
  • Mindfulness & Acceptance Therapy
  • Self-actualisation meditation
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Breathwork for mental health
  • NIMHANS introduction
  • Cultural diversity & mental health systems in India
  • Visit to the Neuropathology Brain Museum
  • Tour the psychiatry facilities
  • Therapeutic applications of yoga practices for the mentally ill
  • NIMHANS Outpatient Department introduction
  • Integration of ancient medicines in western psychiatry
  • Ayurveda, for mind & body
  • Psychosocial barriers to treatment
  • Multicultural perspectives in working with children & adolescents
  • Visit the NIMHANS ourreach centre
  • Promoting positive mental health in the community
  • Head to Mysore
Saturday & Sunday
  • Enjoy Mysore

This is a sample schedule, which aims to give you an idea of the week's activities. Schedule is subject to change. 

Week Two

The second week, spent travelling southern India by land and sea, was added by popular demand. Spending a week learning about Indian culture and how it influences and dictates much of the way society functions is given further context by spending more time exploring this sublimly complex country. 

We depart magical Mysore for Ooty where, from the window of your train carriage, you can count the charming rainbow houses perched precariously on the sides of mighty mountains before rolling through a nature reserve where you've got the chance to spot some tempestuous tigers and elusive elephants before settling in Munnar where you can literally hike up to the clouds or traverse a centuries-old tea plantation.

What's next? Glad you asked. We'll stop for two nights in the electric city of Cochin, where the history is as rich and complex as the smells wafting from the gorgeous markets, bursting with spices, antiques and curiosities. Here you'll be hosted by a local family and have the chance to take in a cooking class, head to one of the nearby beaches for the day or wander the winding streets lined with shops, tea vendors and temples, poking your head in where you wish before finally settling in Alleppy and on the slippy, serpentine backwaters of Kerala where you and your team can laze, feast and take in the stunning sights of the sea on your very own houseboat. You heard us...House. Boat. 

This incredible experience was devised to expand both your mind and your horizons all at once.

For more details, including dates, facilitators and the week two schedule, get yourself a handy info pack here!

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