Our Bali Placement is for anyone who already has some experience working in the mental health sector, or with vulnerable individuals, and and is looking to increase their understanding of global mental health. This placement involves over 40 hours of hands-on experience and training, all whilst residing in a place so dreamy you'll be pinching yourself regularly. 

We're incredibly proud to be the only organisation on the planet that can promise such a huge amount of professional and cross-cultural experience in such a remarkably beautiful place. Here's a little more info about what you can expect from your Bali Placement. 

✔︎ Over 40 hours of hands-on experience

Projects are varied, but all have the same aim - to promote positive mental health and reduce stigma in the local community. All project sessions are planned by yourself and your team and you can get as creative as you like with your ideas. Push yourself, challenge your ideas, try new things.

✔︎ Training & talks

Your whole first week is dedicated to training you up to work as successfully as possible in a totally new culture. Local mental health workers, along with our team, will give you all the tools you need to be successful working in Indonesia.

You'll have the chance to take part in weekly workshops on topics like hypnotherapy, brain mapping and meditation to give you a wider interpretation of what "mental health treatment" can entail and how it may differ in another country with limited resources.

✔︎ An intensely immersive cross-cultural experience

This is work experience with a difference and that difference is that it's in Indonesia. From the local food to your gorgeous homestays, and homestay families who think of you like you're their child, everything you'll do is legit and local. We want you to really get involved in the beauty of Balinese life. Here's your chance!

✔︎ An education in global mental health

This point cannot be overstated. Many of us come from an educational background where we have been taught to think that "West is best". However, this placement will open your eyes and your mind to other ways of looking at prevention and treatment of mental health concerns.

There is much we can learn from other approaches and methodologies and the best way to experience this is up close and in person. No mental health system is perfect, but knowing this and challenging your own ideas of what you think treatment should be and what it looks like is hugely valuable to not only you, but your future clients.

✔︎ Weekends off

You work HARD all week and deserve a break. Plus, what's the point in travelling halfway across the world if you don't get to enjoy the stunning scenery?

Your first weekend is organised by us to give you the opportunity to get to know your fellow teammates at our Adventure Break. Then, you have every following Friday afternoon to Sunday evening to explore as many beaches, volcanoes, nightclubs and temples as you can. This isn't a holiday, but you'd be forgiven for thinking so if you've checked out our Instagram.

Bali Placement Schedule

This sample schedule has been designed to give you an idea of what the Bali Placement looks like week-by-week.

Screenshot 2018-01-04 at 14.50.19 (1).png

For a more in-depth look into what our Bali Placement involves, click the button below and get yourself a handy info pack!

Fancy even more time in paradise? We're also always looking for exceptionally dedicated Peer Mentors to join us for 12-weeks at reduced fees! If you're looking for an extended education in global mental health, and are a natural-born leader, this might be the opportunity for you! 


Each project where you work is as unique, and as special, as the people you'll be working with.

Each week you'll be running activity sessions at various government initiatives, and schools, for children with specific needs as well as community outreach programs designed to keep elderly residents healthy. You'll also be facilitating therapeutic activity sessions at one of Indonesia's only psychiatric facilities and teaching English within the community.

Service users vary in age, background and ability. However, all projects have a similar focus - to promote positive mental health as much as possible by boosting confidence, self-esteem and improving key life skills.

Our projects are separated into five different categories and you can find out more about them below. 

+ Activity Support (AS)

These projects take place in a clinical or community setting. Here you’ll be expected to get creative and really think about how best to help individuals who are all at varying stages of their recovery. Focus on a particular skill like improving short-term memory and form an interactive activity around this.

+ English for Development (EFD)

These projects take place in schools or vocational training institutes. English is a real commodity in Indonesia, with tourism being Bali's main enterprise. You have the tools to help provide individuals with better career prospects and increased confidence just by speaking with them. However, in addition to the practical side of English language teaching, there's also so much more you're doing, which you may not even be aware of.

When working in developing countries, seemingly simple, daily skills, which we take for granted, can often be overlooked, but should really be prioritised. According to a report conducted by the WHO, the skills often neglected in the developing world, but intrinsically linked to mental health are: decision-making, problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, effective communication, interpersonal skills, self-awareness and coping with emotions and stress.

In our experience, we have found that our EFD projects are a great opportunity for volunteers to role model healthy social habits and behaviours with the aim of further developing these skills amongst students and encouraging progression - both personally and professionally.

+ Children's Development (CD)

We partner with a number of children's development centres, primary schools and after school clubs to provide extracurricular English lessons. Our aim is to be role models, but not caregivers to children who are often marginalised by poverty and circumstance. You'll act as a role model in these projects and work with children, through play, to increase thier self-confidence and social skills.

+ Special Education Activity Support (SEAS)

Alongside the psychiatric facility, we partner with a number of government schools for children with specific needs. With an average of 26% of inpatients who reside in UK psychiatric facilities displaying overlapping additional needs, like autism or a brain injury, this is most definitely a client group you should become familiar working with.

These projects are challenging, but will put your knowledge of developmental, and child, psychology to good use. You can use a combination of physical and mental activities to really unlock the creative potential of these service users.

+ Community Outreach (CO)

These projects take place in the local community and have been requested by community members. You could be running an after school club for kids aged 5 - 18 or facilitating yoga sessions for 60 local residentas all over the age of 65! We really don't put any stipulations on these projects. If the community feels they need the support, we'll give it to them happily.

For more details, including the lowdown on mental health workshops, accommodation and fees, grab yourself a handy info pack here!


During your placement you have the awesomely unique opportunity to live in an authentic Balinese village. Often three or more generations live in one family complex, so prepare to be surrounded by kids, grandmas and grandpas in addition to your homestay parents.

You'll be sharing your beautiful, but basic, accommodation with the family, some of your teammates and often some furry or feathery friends too. Trust us, you'll never be lonely! 

Your homestay village is located outside main tourist areas and away from attractions, which is why volunteers head out on Friday afternoon to spend the weekend soaking up culture and comfort. Whether you prefer lazing on a beach, or climbing to the top of an active volcano, the weekend is your oyster, while your homestay family enjoys some well-deserved time off with their friends and family.  

Want to know more about where you'll live during your placement? Get more info by clicking the button.