Bali Mental Health Placement

Calling all adventurous souls! This is our pilot placement, which comes with a heaping helping of the unexpected. If you’re a psychology student or graduate who doesn't mind surprises and that is looking for psychology work experience plus a unique insight into global mental health treatment, this placement will tick all your boxes. 

Your first few days in country are all about getting you trained up to work effectively in a different culture. After getting acquainted with the cultural and social norms of Bali you'll move into your homestay, which is located in a beautiful Balinese village, and get acquainted with your homestay family. 

Throughout your placement your time will be split between a variety of projects to challenge you and ensure you put all your knowledge and previous experience to good use. You'll be running sessions in one of Indonesia's inpatient psychiatric facilities as well as teaching English and working with people with specific needs. There are also weekly workshops, which focus on alternative treatments for individuals with mental health issues. This exposure to non-Western approaches to heal the mind is massively beneficial for anyone wishing to work with international client groups in the future. 

The latter part of your week is drenched in adventure (as the title indicates) on your Adventure Break and we've got everything sorted. Get ready for an adrenaline-fuelled two days of water sports, bonfires and trekking into the unknown.

Your four weekends are all yours to explore the spectacular island of Bali however you choose. You can climb a volcano or head to a black sand beach with water as clear as glass. Bali's dazzling landscape has something for everyone. Your Instagram followers will thank you. 

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Bali Mental Health Placement Sample Timetable

This is what you'll be getting up to each week in Bali. Your weekends are all yours to travel and Bali has so many enticing options you may not know where to start. #unBALIvable 

Morning Afternoon
Monday Special Needs Work Session Planning
Tuesday Psychiatric Hospital Special Needs Work
Wednesday Special Needs Work Workshop
Thursday English for Development English for Development
Friday Children's Development Go Travelling

Project Details 

Psychiatric Hospital: These projects take place in a clinical setting, in an Indonesian psychiatric hospital. You’ll be expected to get creative and really think about how best to help individuals who are all at varying stages in their recovery. Focus on a particular skill and create an interactive activity with your team to help improve this function. 

English for Development: You might be teaching English to students at a school or it could be people from the local community, aged 40+, some who come from miles for your lessons. English is a real commodity in Indonesia and you have the tools to help provide individuals with better career prospects and increased confidence just by speaking with them!  

Children's Development: We also work with children via partners that have requested additional support from creative and enthusiastic individuals to help get children interested in learning English and socialising in alternative and creative ways. Many of the facilities we work in are for children from very difficult backgrounds. Here you can really use the skills you’ve learned throughout your studies and use other mediums besides talk therapy to allow children to explore their emotions in a non-confronting, productive way.

Special Needs Work: Alongside the psychiatric facility, you’ll work in a number of schools and initiatives for those with specific needs. With an average of 26% of inpatients residing in UK psychiatric facilities having overlapping additional needs, like autism or a brain injury, this is most definitely a client group you should become familiar working with.

In Indonesia those with special needs can access some support services from government-run SLB schools and facilities or from privately run foundations in their own communities. However, these facilities are often under-resourced and their teachers could use some support. These projects are challenging, but will put your knowledge of developmental psychology to good use. You can use a combination of physical and mental activities to really unlock the creative potential within these service users. 

Psychology-Focused Workshops: Each week you'll attend a workshop focusing on global approaches to mental health. Previous topics have been; Hypnotherapy, Quantum Life Healing, Art Therapy, Meditation and Brain Training for Better Mental Health. These workshops are especially useful if you plan to work in a culturally-diverse setting in the future. 


Why Bali? 

Bali isn't known as the "Isle of the Gods" for nothing. Bali's beauty is unrivalled and is often the backdrop of envy-inducing honeymoon pics, but all that glitters is not gold. There is a distinct lack of understanding about mental health issues in Bali and few facilities where people can seek treatment if they need it.

Traditional healers are more commonly consulted than doctors for anything psychological, which means that those who need help are often ill for extended periods before ever seeing a medical professional. Our volunteers work in Bali's only inpatient psychiatric facility and assist the exceptionally dedicated team by running therapeutic activities to provide much needed stimulation and human contact for service users.