psychology-focused work experience placements abroad

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Our placements were created by psychology students and graduates who understand how valuable hands-on experience in the mental health sector can be for anyone looking to pursue a career in social sciences, but who also know how difficult it can be to obtain. This is why we've designed multiple placements abroad, all with a focus on psychology, for individuals with all levels of experience and education.

Whether you're a graduate with a few months to spare before heading into the workforce, a student looking to gain some practical experience to complement your theoretical knowledge, or a working professional with limited free time, we've created different placements and programs to fit around your schedule and to match your needs.


Sri Lanka Placements

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Bali Placement

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Multiple Placements, One Aim

All of our placements and programs have been designed to promote positive psychology and give you a greater knowledge of global mental health.

In today's multi-cultural society it's hugely beneficial to travel and experience life in another country and culture before settling into a career. No amount of time in the classroom can replace hands-on, active learning. Especially for those wanting to pursue a career in psychology, which is one of the most competitive fields around the globe. Undertaking a psychology-focused placement abroad is one way to make your CV more attractive to potential employers.

Our Placements Abroad

Each of our psychology-focused placements and programs takes place overseas where you can exchange skills and ideas with local professionals and learn more about how mental health treatment works in a different culture. From integrating holistic practices like Ayurveda and yoga into treatment plans to working in psychiatric facilities which are open and green, there is a lot Westerners can gain from spending time working in an Eastern culture.

Of course, our main aim is to help improve the overall mental health of each individual we work with. As the World Health Organisation (WHO) asserts, mental health isn't simply the absence of mental illness; we at SLV.Global couldn't agree more! This is why whether working with adults suffering from mental health concerns, children residing outside of the family home, differently-abled individuals or those wanting to improve their English, our approach is very much the same. Although these are four very distinct client groups, each can benefit from interactive, stimulating activities to help elevate mood, increase socialisation and teamwork and improve confidence.

We want those we work with to feel important and supported, no matter their background or circumstance, which can go a long way in the promotion of positive mental health. In fact, the kind of group work you will facilitate on our placements abroad can foster inclusivity, boost feelings of overall well-being and decrease feelings of depression and isolation.

Our placements are a win-win and benefit you as much as the communities you work with, as is evidenced in our recent five-year evaluation report. We are committed to ensuring our volunteers run innovative, creative and impactful sessions that are challenging, but enjoyable for service users of all abilities and ages during the week. But weekends are free for you to explore the incredible destinations where you work and live. Trek a volcano or go on safari and spot wild leopards and elephants. Lounge on a white, or black, sand beach and watch the sunset slowly paint the sky, check out local markets and temples or take a cooking class. Whatever you fancy, our destinations have it all. Gain the practical experience you need and have the experience of a lifetime.

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