The SLV.Global Peer Mentor role is integral to the operating team overseas and requires a commitment of 12 weeks. Providing additional pastoral support for your fellow teammates, as well as helping with the overall management of the placement, is a big responsibility, which is why Peer Mentors have the exclusive opportunity to join the team for an extended period and get the added bonus of reduced Placement Fees. In this case, more is more! More experience, more time on projects and more exposure to the global mental health field!

The Peer Mentor role best suits those who possess excellent empathy skills and who have taken on a support role before. The Peer Mentorship will allow you to develop invaluable transferable skills imperative to a future career in mental health, including leadership, problem solving, logistical support and effective communication to name a few - all of which look amazing on your CV!

If you want to gain further experience in the mental health sector by working on exciting cross-cultural and clinical projects, and support your fellow team members in the process, join us in Sri Lanka for three months as a Peer Mentor and immerse yourself in a unique and exciting culture all the while gaining invaluable transferable skills. 

If you think you're a good fit for this role, please fill out this brief form here and we'll be in touch. For any questions, please email [email protected]