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Peace and Positive Psychology Program

We are delighted to introduce our SLV.Europe Peace & Positive Psychology Program! This program has been created for people who have a passion for global mental health and who are keen to explore approaches to the treatment of mental health in a post-conflict environment.

The program begins with a weekend in Budapest, before continuing on to historical Zagreb and ending in the stunning Croatian coastal city of Šibenik. Over the 10-day program, participants will learn about post-conflict psychology, PTSD, peace and positive psychology, body movement psychotherapy and mindfulness through 30+ hours of interactive workshops, training and practice.

 The program focuses on two doctrines of Psychology; Peace Psychology and Positive Psychology. Peace psychology is a subfield of psychology and peace research that works with the psychological aspects of peace, conflict, violence, and war. Interactive and practical workshops are run by local professionals, including clinical psychologists, that are working on the front line with a variety of disenfranchised client groups. 

 Positive Psychology, on the other hand, is the study of what makes life worth living, and the discipline of focusing on the positive aspects of life, rather than dwelling on the negative. This portion of the program is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and tools to work on your own mental wellbeing first so that we can then go on to effectively improve the lives of others. Our workshop leaders will take you through diverse exercises, experiences and mindfulness practices. 

 An example sample schedule can be seen below. 

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 Sample Schedule

  • Arrive at the hostel
  • Free time
  • Budapest Tour
  • Budapest Tour
  • Positive Psychology Workshop
  • Peace Psychology Tour of Zagreb
  • Society of Psychological Assistance
  • Society of Psychological Assistance
  • Optional Yoga
  • Positive Psychology with the Happiness Academy
  • Vrapče Psychiatric Hospital
  • 5 hour coach trip to Šibenik
  • Yoga & Meditation Session
  • Body Movement Psychotherapy
  • Sound Bath

The sample schedule designed to give you an idea of what you can expect. Please note that workshops are subject to change.

This immersive educational experience is ideal for those with a keen interest in Global Mental Health. Participants on the program will gain further experience in Global Mental Health, by gaining insight and knowledge into how the dissolution of former Yugoslavia affected perception and treatment of mental health, and how this has impacted modern-day society. As there is no direct contact with service users, previous experience of working with vulnerable individuals is not required for this program.

Over the 10 days, participants will stay together in dormitory-style accommodation. There will be plenty of opportunities to explore Budapest, Zagreb and Sibenik in the free time with your fellow teammates, to delve into the hidden gems that each city has to offer! 

This incredible experience was devised to expand both your mind and your horizons all at once.

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