for completing all 5 tasks
  • Put up posters
  • Hand out flyers
  • Shout out in a lecture or seminar
  • Send us the contact details for a contact in the Careers department
  • Find a university contact in the Psychology department
for each task!
  • Host an info session
  • Get an email sent out to fellow students
  • Source a sponsored event
  • Publish an article
  • University organised fairs & event
for each application
  • Collect contacts throughout the year

Just to further explain how the payments work, please read through the example below which breaks down how you can become a successful SLV.Global Ambassador and earn that extra dollar along the way!

    After accepting the role, Claudia completed these 5 tasks:
  • Put up posters in the Psychology department
  • Handed out flyers at a university fair
  • Did a shout out in her lecture
  • Spoke to her personal tutor about her time on placement and sent us their email address
  • Shared her Career Advisor's contact details with us
$50/€50 Claudia organised an info session at her university in September, which was hosted by SLV.Global staff
$50/€50 Claudia got an email sent round to all students promoting the info session
$50/€50 Claudia represented SLV.Global at the Psychology Careers fair
$50/€50 Claudia got an article published in the Tab (student publication)
$50/€50 Claudia arranged a sponsored quiz night for the Psychology Society
$50/€50 Claudia hosted her own info session in February targeting masters students
$225/€225 Claudia collected 120 contacts throughout the year and 45 submitted an application form - woop!
$625/€625 🙌 The total amount Claudia made from her time as a SLV.Global Ambassador