The National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) is the largest government run centre for the treatment of mental health issues in India. NIMHANS is a multidisciplinary institute and is made up of a range of centres and buildings, each dedicated to a specific area of health. Formed through the combination of the All India Institute of Mental Health and Bangalore’s Mental Hospital in 1974, NIMHANS now stands at the forefront of India’s mental health field for treatment, research and academic pursuit.

At NIMHANS you’ll have a packed timetable of talks and lectures with leading specialists in the field of mental health. These talks normally focus on cultural competencies in clinical care. Previously talks have discussed the cultural diversity of India and the implications of this for mental health provisions within such a diverse country. At NIMHANS there’s also the opportunity to explore the hospital facilities, guided by a mental health professional, to discover the first psychiatric yoga facility.