Columbia University

Megan Iida

Pre-Medical Student

"My experiences working with SLV.Global in Sri Lanka in Bali greatly helped inform my decision to pursue a career in medicine. I’d worked in healthcare before – first as a volunteer researcher in a cognitive psychology research lab, then at a local braille center and a retirement home. So I had a strong interest in the field of psychiatry and was eager to learn more about healthcare. However, as a student, I found it hard to gain exposure to psychiatric practice from a hands-on perspective due to the significant patient confidentiality rules that are prevalent in the United States. Through SLV.Global, I was finally able to have the unique opportunity to work alongside clinicians, help patients in their rehabilitation process, and gain a valuable sense of understanding about how culture and society influence medicine and psychiatry."

"My experience learning about and participating in various therapeutic activities helped me understand how important non-medicinal patient care is in improving a patient’s quality of life. The therapeutic techniques we used in Sri Lanka and Bali improved patients’ memory, executive functioning, fine motor skills, physical health, and day-to-day social interaction in a way that medicine simply could not."

"Throughout the duration of my placements with SLV.Global I was able to get a true insight into global mental health treatment and what it would be like to work within the mental health field in the future. I am grateful to have had such an immersive and hands-on opportunity in the field of psychiatry and I’m eager to continue my career in medicine." 

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