Trinity Washington University

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Taylor Shiver

Graduate Program

"Thank you, to SLV.Global for providing a once in a lifetime type of opportunity! I was able to thrive with the learning experiences I had while abroad in Indonesia and I haven't been able to stop raving about my experience! Mental health is such an important issue everywhere in the world and SLV.Global provided its volunteers with the education about cultural competency and the effectiveness of supporting mental wellness in communities."

"It was amazing to learn about the cultural dimensions of mental health that impact treatment and recovery. We learned about how different cultures view mental health and were equipped with the tools to be successful in our engagement with services users. During my 4-week adventure, I worked in a psychiatric facility in Indonesia and also, with individuals in the community with special needs at different schools, centers, and orphanages. Volunteers had the opportunity to work with Psychologists, NGO workers, mental health support workers, and teaching professionals! Their passion in promoting success for the individuals they work with on a daily basis was amazing! We were all there just to help and be supportive, and we did just that... We were all a TEAM!"

"SLV.Global allowed all volunteers to build lasting relationships and explore our creative sides. We collaborated with one another to facilitate therapeutic sessions for the service users on a daily basis. These projects were thoughtful and mindful of what would be most suitable for the individuals we were servicing and the volunteer coordinators were awesome about supporting us during project planning times. This was some of the most challenging, yet rewarding work I have ever done. I was able to learn about myself and help others in the process. I can't wait to continue volunteering and helping others in the future!"