Rowan University

Jennifer Vorel

Bachelors in Psychology

"Last fall when I heard about SLV.Global and the opportunity to travel, work hands on with people in the mental health field and experience an entirely new culture, I set out to make sure it happened. It was the first opportunity I'd seen for undergraduates to get hands on experience working with people with mental illnesses. As a psychology major with a concentration in neuroscience, who isn't completely sure of my graduate education or career path, I'm looking to get all the experience I can, to help figure that out. I did tons of research and soon applied for a role as a Mental Heath volunteer for 5 weeks."

I immediately bonded with a handful of fellow volunteers from all over the world (mostly the U.K.) especially my two roommates who have become friends for life. Together we took on our drastically new home, our work on various projects, and figuring out traveling to and from projects as well as all over the country on weekends. Our weeks were filled with 8 different projects (teaching English, special needs, and mental health) and evenings were filled with preparing for projects."

"The extremely humid and hot climate, the pervasive bugs, and a lack of many things we take for granted at home, took a lot of getting used to. But the bonds made between other volunteers and I were only strengthened by these factors and this new way of life. Embracing the beauty of the country and its sights, its amazing culture, and the people of Sri Lanka was truly something I feel blessed to have experienced." 

"My volunteer experience has caused me to grow in unexpected ways. It has taught me more independence and self-reliance in a very different culture and place. SLV.Global helped me understand my strengths and possible career directions, giving me more confidence to take risks and explore. Working in the Peace Corps has always been a dream of mine, and now it seems much more conceivable. Overall, I am so excited to go out and create another experience helping and connecting with interesting and different people."