Spelman College

Erica Riley

Bachelors in Psychology

"When I started searching for programs to be a part of during my gap year, I encountered some trouble being that here in the United States, for the most part, hands on experience in the Mental Health field is very limited for students who have only obtained a Bachelor's degree. Just when I was at my wit's end, I discovered SLV.Global's Graduate Mental Health Placement and immediately knew that this was the exact experience I was looking for."

"SLV.Global gave me hands on experience in the Mental Health field as I worked at the psychiatric facility. It gave me a chance to experience a new culture, adopt a new family, make life long friends all while learning new psychological tools and techniques and using the tools and techniques I learned at my undergraduate university. All in all, SLV.Global provided me with an one of a kind experience. I would definitely recommend the program to anyone looking for experience in the Mental Health field."