University of Georgia

Briana Cowles

Bachelors in Psychology and Neuroscience

"My experience with SLV.Global in Bali was an educational adventure like no other. Working hands-on with patients, of all ages, was invaluable. Additionally, the opportunity to work along side a multi-national team and enabled a steady flow of innovative solutions to the problems we encountered daily. There was a mutual understanding between the hospitals, doctors, nurses and our coordinators, allowing efficiency on both ends."

"The homestay was extremely welcoming and helpful; they truly cared about us and were always available when we needed assistance. The transition to a different country can be difficult but the coordinators were great at organizing activities to ensure we were all participating and adjusting to the new environment. Personally this allowed me to see mental health and the way others perceive mental health in a completely new way. I have no doubt that my experience in Bali will prove beneficial as I begin my career. I am a complete advocate for the program and highly recommend applying!"