Christopher Newport University

Annabelle Sorokos

Bachelors in Psychology

"Being able to travel to the other side of the world was one thing, but being able to help a community and knowing we were actually making a difference was even more rewarding. The connections I made with the clients will never be forgotten and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity. I went home everyday knowing I did something good and for the first time in my life I felt really proud of myself.

"My favorite projects were the special needs because the people were hesitant of us at first but the joy on their faces at the end of the day was amazing. Their smiles were contagious and you could tell they loved life. They are the most resilient people I have ever met and it was encouraging to see them so happy despite where they were. I can never thank them enough for helping me see the world through new eyes."

"I left heavy hearted but happy I did what I could to make the clients a little happier than they were before we got to the projects. I know one day I'll go back and I hope everyone gets to experience this humbling and absolutely amazing experience as I did. Thank you SLV.Global for everything you do."