University of Washington

Amanda Mayo

Bachelors in Psychology, Minor in Philosophy

"The SLV.Global 4 Week Mental Health placement in Bali was the most inspiring, humbling, and influential program I have ever participated in. Mahatma Gandhi promised that, "the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others," and this placement embodied that declaration. The deep and intense immersion into the Balinese culture that the SLV.Global experience provides created the space for me to not only find myself but to fall absolutely in love with a people and community across the world that I would have never known or felt so connected to." 

"I am truly grateful that through the power and design of this SLV.Global placement I was able to not only create unimaginable results in a community desperate for mental health support and structure, but also was given an outlook and perspective I never could have gained staying home this summer, and in turn I have reinvented what I want for myself and my life."