At SLV.Global we’re really keen to let you know where your money goes and why our placement fees are a necessary part of you having an enjoyable, safe experience.

Ethicality and affordability have always been incredibly important to us and we pride ourselves not only on the fact that our fees are some of the lowest in the sector, but also that we regularly receive outstanding feedback from participants about their time on placement.

As much as we value affordability, it can’t be at the expense of volunteers’ comfort or safety, so it’s a balance. Feedback throughout the years has dictated we need to focus on providing enough support to our volunteers but also providing enough support to the community as a whole. More support and a more standardised experience is necessary to ensure that not only volunteers are happy, but that we are having the right impact on the local community too.

We have been running our placements in Sri Lanka since 2010, but our Mental Health placement in Indonesia began in 2016. Since our SLV.Bali placements began we have dedicated our time to recruiting an incredibly strong team of coordinators and supervisors who live with and support our volunteers, as well as our incredible Indonesian team who provide assistance with the day-to-day management and running of SLV.Bali.

We are very lucky that we have so much support from the local community where our volunteers live and work in Bali, as due to Bali being such a popular tourist destination, it isn't cheap. From workshop space to transportation and homestays to the local professionals who contribute to the placement content, none of this is free, and it shouldn’t be. We want to put money into the Indonesian economy just as much as we want to bolster resources at the projects where we work.

As an organisation we feel it's ethical and right all of our Indonesian team members to be fairly compensated for all that they do. Employment opportunities in Indonesia can be limited for students and recent graduates, so we want to pay our teams a fair wage, which I'm sure you agree is a no-brainer. They work extremely hard from sun up to sun down, often doing things that are never seen by the volunteer team, but all their clandestine efforts contribute massively to a smoothly-running placement.

The below is an approximation of the breakdown of how a volunteer’s placement fees are spent for our placements in Indonesia. Our placements in Indonesia currently run through the summer months, but it costs also fluctuate each month, depending on the amount of volunteers there are in the country at one time.

SLV Bali Fees.png

+ In-Country Support & Training

Our Indonesian team, who are always there to offer support and continue to cultivate the relationships we have with our projects and partners, is comprised of many individuals. From our SLV.Bali Project Coordinator Ketut, to our Project and Partnerships Liaisons, Citra and Endra, our whole team of our assistant project managers, project supervisors and coordinators are there to help you transition smoothly into Indonesian life.

Our Indonesian team organise all the training you receive and the safe transport to and from projects, in addition to liaising with homestays, overseeing the Adventure Break, helping ill volunteers on placement when they are in hospital and everything else behind the scenes that helps make our SLV.Global placements in Indonesia run so well.

In addition to all of our team members there is also our Operations Manager, who is on call 24/7 in Bali, who runs orientation, employs logistics, manages risk assessments and trains the whole Indonesian team, as well as ensuring volunteers have as enjoyable, yet standardised, experience possible. As our projects run all across Bali, but also more recently in the neighbouring island of Java too, it's imperative that we have adequate numbers of staff to facilitate this.

As you know, your first week is dedicated to training. All of the facilities, facilitators fees, food, transport and accommodation are covered under this cost.

+ Homestay and Living Costs

In addition to the team of professionals who work with us in Indonesia, we also have a number of homestay families that house and feed volunteers throughout the week and enrich an already culturally diverse experience. Again, contributing to the local economy is important to us, but we’d much rather pay a local family to host our volunteers than to pay a hotel chain where the experience would be very different.

Living local is an important part of the SLV.Global experience. And although we decided to go for an authentic experience and forego the wifi and air con, we are still living in these people’s homes and there are costs involved in running any household, let alone one with up numerous volunteers living in it. It is our aim to support our homestay villages as best we can so volunteers have the most comfortable and safe living experience possible.

+ SLV.Global Mental Health Fund Donation

In 2017 we set up the charity branch of our organisation, the SLV.Global Mental Health Fund, which aims to support local, grassroots organisations working year-round to increase the amount of mental health services there are for people in the countries where we work. This contribution ensures the great work you do on placement doesn't stop once your placement concludes, but carries on.

+ Adventure Break, Workshops, Hospital Visiting Fees

Your fees also cover all activities, food and board on the Adventure Break. This break is essential for team bonding and it’s also a lot of fun! However, it’s worth mentioning that this stunning, unique experience is one you would be unlikely to have as a tourist and we think that it's worth every penny.

Your three - four workshops are all jam-packed full of useful and interesting information about various mental health topics in Indonesia. We need to compensate our facilitators as well as rent a space for them to take place and provide transport.

Finally, in Indonesia anyone wanting to visit the hospital, even friends and family, must pay a visiting fee. We pay this each time a volunteer sets foot in a hospital, which in a four week placement will be approximately three times.

+ Transport

Unlike most Western countries, there is no public transport system in Bali. Because of this, all transport is all arranged through private transportation and drivers. This is not to be luxurious, but simply out of necessity.

From picking you up at the airport to transporting you to Adventure Break, your daily projects and to Java is a big, but unavoidable, expense.

+ UK Head Office

We are here to answer any questions you might have pre-departure and to help you set off prepared for your placement. We're also here interviewing all the future volunteers to continue the projects you love, long after you leave. And of course a huge part of what we do is facilitating your visas, which includes paying for each sponsorship letter we request from our agent in Indonesia.

It’s important to note that there are also administration costs involved in processing all our volunteers' info before their placement begins. This includes everything from the lengthy visa process to verifying DBS checks. All of which is essential for our placements to run.

Every penny we spend is for the betterment of the organisation and volunteer experience. We hope you understand that your safety and experience, along with the benefit to the local community,  is our number one priority. If you have further questions please don't hesitate to ask by calling our SLV.Global London HQ, or emailing us on [email protected]