It’s said that laughter is the best medicine and Laughter Yoga embraces this to form a complete well-being workout. Sessions combine both breathing and laughter exercises to bring more oxygen to the body and the brain, resulting in physiological and psychological benefits. Developed in India by Dr Kataria Madan, it has now spread to more than 100 countries worldwide. Social laughter clubs have sprung up all over the world and the benefits of laughter are being felt from schools and universities, to  companies and even elderly care homes.

Without relying on jokes or humour, laughter yoga shows you that you can laugh with no reason. As science shows us that the body can’t differentiate between fake and real laughter, sessions begin with both eye-contact and childlike playfulness, which transform initial fake laughter into real and contagious laughter. Sessions are led with enthusiasm and combine a range of activities including clapping, deep breathing, childlike playfulness and laughter exercises.