SLV.Global Volunteer Peer Mentors & Coordinators

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SLV.Global Volunteer Peer Mentors & Coordinators


Location: Sri Lanka & Bali
Compensation:Reduced Placement Fees
Contract: 3 months minimum


Both Peer Mentor and Coordinator roles are integral to the operation of the teams in Sri Lanka and Bali and require a minimum commitment of 12 weeks. We're mostly looking for people with bags of enthusiasm and empathy, as both roles are pastoral in nature.

If you want to gain further experience in the mental health sector by not only working on exciting cross-cultural and clinical projects, but also supporting your fellow team members, this could be the role for you! Join our team in a more senior capacity, as a Peer mentor or Coordinator, to immerse yourself in a unique and exciting culture at the same time as gaining invaluable, transferable skills.

What you get in a (coco)nutshell

• 160 + hours of hands-on experience on projects and at workshops! 
 •Invaluable experience in leadership, development, team building and interpersonal communication skills
• The chance to try and test new projects
• More time on projects
 • The ability to work closely with permanent, local team members
• More time to explore these stunning islands on the weekends
• More time to immerse yourself in a totally exciting culture
• More experience dealing with high-level situations
• The chance to support you peers and work with upper management
• The opportunity to impact the future running of our placements 

What the role involves
Both roles involve providing additional pastoral support for your fellow teammates, as well as helping with the overall management of the placement. Simple things like helping a sick volunteer to the doctor to more advanced duties, like testing new projects, are all within the realm of possibility. 

You'll be the main conduit of communication between volunteers and management, so if you've got a cool head and know how to be a decisive diplomat, please apply!  

Why you should apply
Because you get more of everything and pay less for it! 

Peer Mentors and Coordinators have the exclusive opportunity to join the team for an extended period and get the added bonus of reduced Placement Fees, as compensation for taking up these extra responsibilities. So you get more hands-on experience on projects, as well as the experience of being a support and mentor to your teammates, and you pay less! Win/win

What we're looking for
The Peer Mentor or Coordinator role best suits those who possess excellent empathy skills and who, ideally, have worked in a support or leadership role, like mentoring, teaching or support work before. However, if you've got bags of enthusiasm, passion and kindness and have done some travelling before, these qualities are equally important. 

This higher-level role within the organisation will allow you to develop invaluable, transferable skills, which are imperative to a future career in mental health. You'll increase your working knowledge of leadership, problem solving, logistical support and effective communication - all qualities which look amazing on your CV!

The Peer Mentor/Coordinator difference
Peer Mentors work in Sri Lanka and Coordinators in Bali. Although both roles are very similar, as Bali is still developing, there is more logistical and development support required for Bali, which isn't for our Sri Lanka placements. 

If you think you're a good fit for this role.

If you have any questions, just email [email protected]

Aurora Trentin