SLV.Global Supervisors

SLV.Global Volunteer Support Supervisor

Responsible to: Senior Staff Management and Head of Operations
Responsible for: Peer Mentors and volunteer experience
Location: India/Bali
Start Date: TBC
Duration: We would like a minimum commitment of 5 months
Expenses: All living expenses and flights covered


SLV.Global is a mental health organisation, which provides degree-specific volunteer placements in Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia. Our placements offer psychology students and graduates the chance to promote positive mental health in a multitude of professional environments with varying client groups. Volunteers on placement teach English, work with children and with people who have specific needs and mental health concerns.

We offer project and cultural awareness training, leadership opportunities and encourage volunteers to contribute to the continued growth and development of the team and its projects. The SLV.Global team strive to make a positive, responsible, and sustainable impact in the communities where we work.


Summary of the Role:
As an integral and senior member of the Volunteer Experience Team you are responsible for delivering SLV.Global’s placements to the highest possible standard. The role involves ultimately optimising volunteer experience, through offering pastoral and session support. Supervisors should be a constant, approachable figure throughout the volunteers placement.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to; Maximising volunteer experience by supporting volunteers with any questions, queries or concerns they may have and being a support system for a team of Peer Mentors. As part of the Volunteer Experience Team you will also act as a conduit of communication, between volunteers, peer mentors and senior management staff.

As an SLV.Global Supervisor you get hands-on mental health experience, the chance to practice and develop leadership skills, the chance to live and work in another culture, in addition to the chance for career progression and professional development in managerial roles for the organisation.


Principal Accountabilities and Responsibilities:
• Motivation and pastoral support for the volunteer team.
• Project session planning and execution support to ensure we are providing high quality mental health experience for all volunteers and promoting positive mental health of all service users.
• Main conduit of communication between the Peer Mentors and volunteers teams to the staff team in country and in London HQ.
• Working closely with an exceptional, local staff team to run placements to the highest possible standard.


• Providing pastoral support to all volunteers, assisting with any emotional concerns, working with the volunteers to come up with proactive solutions.
• Providing pastoral support to volunteers with medical issues; doctor and hospital visits as required.
• Sessions: Attending 3 sessions per week, to monitor and support volunteers with activities.
• Quality Control: Ensuring homestays, workshops and projects are being run to the highest possible standard.
• Attending and supervising SLV.Global organised activities such as Jungle Break, Farewell Parties and socials.


Training and Development:
• Assisting the senior management team with volunteer induction training. Including the welcoming of volunteers to homestays at the start of their placement.
• Facilitating group discussions during training and session planning.
• Assist volunteers with the successful planning of sessions. Including offering extra support to brainstorm ideas, demonstrating successful activities, and ensure we are promoting positive mental health with each activity.


• Complete written records of medical issues and incidents when necessary.
• Overseeing the successful completion of project feedback.


Skills and Experience Essential:
•  The ability to work with, and understand, different cultures and customs. A flexible attitude and an openness to learn.
•  A kind, compassionate and can-do attitude.
•  People-focused with excellent communication, facilitation and diplomatic skills with the ability to lead by example.
•  Previous experience of working in a team to achieve a common goal, motivating and supporting/leading a small team of adults, to maximise levels of success.
•  Previous experience working/ volunteering/ travelling in a culture different to that of your home-nation.
•  The ability to organise and prioritise a heavy workload.


• Working knowledge of the mental health sector at home or abroad.
• Previous experience of motivating large teams of volunteers from different backgrounds to achieve excellent results.

Application Process: Please email your CV and Cover Letter to [email protected]

Aurora Trentin