SLV.Global Supervisors

SLV.Global Volunteer Supervisor

Location: Sri Lanka or Bali

This role is in the SLV.Global senior management team and requires a five month commitment. SLV.Global cover the costs of accommodation for Supervisors and additionally provide Supervisors with a food and transport budget during the week and refund flight costs after three successful months in the role. Supervisors live with volunteers and Coordinators in a homestay with a local family.

The main Supervisor duties involve overseeing the successful running of projects as well as providing pastoral care to volunteers. Supervisors need to be flexible and friendly, as the role can be massively challenging and is best suited to individuals who have worked in management abroad before or who have already volunteered with us or a similar organisation. Supervisors should be a constant and approachable figure throughout a volunteer's placement. Below is a non-exhaustive list of key Supervisor responsibilities :

  • Assist SLV.Global Project Managers on a daily basis
  • Help to establish new volunteer projects
  • Work closely with management to ensure the highest standards
  • Develop training and leading presentations
  • Providing continuous feedback to management to ensure quality control
  • Create volunteer timetables and project information packs
  • Pastoral care for volunteers
  • Quality control at projects and homestays

The Bali and Sri Lanka Mental Health Placements require Supervisors be highly adaptable. We expect Supervisors to help out wherever needed to ensure the success of the program. Supervisors must agree to abide by the Homestay and Culture Codes of Conduct and remain professional throughout all aspects of the placement.

It's essential Supervisors have experience working as part of a team either living, working or volunteering abroad. Relevant experience working with individuals with mental health concerns or people with specific needs preferred. The role is pastoral as well as admin-based and no two days are ever the same. You might find yourself escorting sick volunteers to the doctor in the morning, checking in on a project in the afternoon and composing volunteer timetables in the evening.

The Supervisor work hour commitments are Monday-Friday. However, Supervisors are on call 24/7 and may be required to assist Project Managers at weekends if necessary. Welcoming volunteers and pre-arrival planning can mean occasionally staying late on Fridays, missing projects, or working through public holidays.

Please send your CV with a cover letter to [email protected] to be considered for future SLV.Global opportunities.

Aurora Trentin