SLV.Global Mental Health Peer Mentor

SLV.Global Volunteer Peer Mentor

Location: Sri Lanka

SLV.Global Peer Mentors are an integral part of the operating team overseas and need to commit to the role for a minimum of 12 weeks. We offer reduced Placement Fees in exchange for the extra responsibilities associated with the Peer Mentor role.

Working alongside management, while juggling a full volunteer timetable, you will be a representative of SLV.Global and our partners at all times. Though still a volunteer, contributing to the success of the placement by supporting your teammates is a Peer Mentor’s top priority.

Peer Mentors are relied on to communicate important information to management and expected to assist when and where needed. These extra duties can mean occasionally extending your working hours past what we would expect from a member of the volunteer team.

A Peer Mentor is expected to provide pastoral and emotional support for volunteers. Being a Peer Mentor means supporting other volunteers throughout their placement by being a constant and approachable figure and being highly adaptable. Other key responsibilities are outlined on this non-exhaustive list:

  • Volunteer safety; including escorting volunteers to the doctor or hospital
  • Volunteer motivation
  • Support and problem solving
  • Helping with volunteer training and orientation
  • Upholding and adhering to SLV.Global Code of Conduct and guidelines regarding homestays and projects
  • Role modelling volunteer best practice behaviour and communicating between senior staff and volunteers

Being a Peer Mentor is challenging and a role that should not be taken lightly. However, there are many benefits of being a Peer Mentor, as you will have the opportunity to develop transferable skills, which many employers and educational institutions have identified as advantageous.

According to Aston University, the role will help you improve your communication and personal skills, develop leadership and management qualities and benefit from a sense of fulfilment and personal growth. These skills are a welcome addition to any CV. Also, the fact that you will have undertaken this role abroad and will be aiding volunteers to promote positive mental health means that you will have a greater understanding of cross-cultural relations and of supporting your peers in often unfamiliar and difficult situations.

Do you have what it takes? 

* Do you have a desire to share information, expertise and experience and to act as a resource for others on your team? 
* Do you possess effective time management skills; ensuring others on your team are ready for projects and that you are maximising your time on projects? 
* Do you have excellent communication skills; monitoring volunteer dress code and diplomatically relaying any need to change, interacting with the national team and planning socials, working with fellow volunteers to plan effective and stimulating sessions for service users?
* Are you organised and professional; can you represent SLV.Global within the community and uphold our standards? Can you make the best possible impression on projects and partners?
* Are you able to make snap decisions without panicking? Can you adapt to any situation with ease?


If you think you're a good fit for this role, please fill out this brief form here and we'll be in touch. For any questions, please email [email protected] 

Aurora Trentin