Clinical and Ancient Psychology Program

We want to offer anyone with a keen interest in global mental health the opportunity to expand their knowledge further, but we also understand that not everyone has the time or the inclination to do an extended placement abroad. As a result we've developed our week-long educational program in India. This program has been designed for anyone who would like to explore more closely how ancient Eastern techniques can complement modern methods to treat mental health concerns.

This unique program is led by our Project Manager Yasintha and local clinical psychologists and psychiatrists, some of whom double as yogis, and aims to provide insight into how Indian mental health treatment combines recent medical developments with holistic practice to promote a unique approach to mental well-being.    

The program runs over five days, during which you and our team will have the chance to tour the impressive facilities and enjoy an audience with many of its clinicians who will speak with you on a variety of topics around how India treats mental health issues both medically and culturally.  You'll also explore mindfulness and meditation with resident experts and participate in immersive workshops like Laughing Yoga all while residing at the stunningly serene School of Ancient Wisdom.

Five jam-packed days are topped off with a relaxing weekend in Mysore, where you can switch off and soak up some of India's infamous beauty before heading home. 

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Clinical and Ancient Psychology Program Sample Schedule

This is a sample schedule, which aims to give you an idea of the week's activities. 

Morning Afternoon
Monday Yoga Talk with clinical expert
Tuesday Talk with clinical expert Talk with clinical expert
Wednesday Talk with clinical expert Tour of the facilities
Thursday Yoga Yoga
Friday Mindfulness and meditation Head to Mysore
Saturday & Sunday Explore Mysore Head home