In order to volunteer on your placement, local government authorities need to see that you have permission to carry out your activities and sessions. For this purpose, we provide you with a Government ID Card, which you will be able to wear on a lanyard and display when asked at projects or while visiting the community. 

Please read the guidelines below to ensure you submit the ID photo in the correct format. We will contact you to upload another one if it does not fit the following requirements.

Government ID's

✓ do's

• be professional

• be recent

• be in colour

• be taken by someone else; don't be a #selfie

• be taken against a white background

• be clear and in focus

• be of yourself only; no one else should be in your picture

• have hair tied up


Gov ID

✗ don'ts

• be a cropped version of another picture of you

• be a picture of a picture

• have anything covering your face (i.e. hair, sunglasses, glare from glasses)

• have anything covering your head (unless for religious purposes)