Did you know, 80% of our volunteers have successfully fundraised for their placements, with many managing to cover their full placement fees? Best believe it!

We're always super-impressed with the many creative ways volunteers, both past and present, have employed to raise the funds to cover the cost of their SLV.Global placement fees. From bake sales to car washes, fun runs to quiz nights, we've seen it all and we've seen it work! We know this all requires effort, but when you're on the plane heading out to your placement we're sure you'll think it was worth it. We're always happy to lend a hand, starting with our online fundraising pack, which you'll get a copy of as soon as you're confirmed on a placement. 

In the meantime, coming from a psychology background, we know we need to provide sufficient evidence to back up our claim, so check out our Fundraisers' Hall of Fame below for some examples of successful fundraising tricks and tools these superstars used to make their placement dreams come true. 

Fundraisers' Hall of Fame

Let us know if you need any extra advice!