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What did you use to fundraise?
I set up a GoFundMe and spoke with friends and family about my opportunity to work and learn in Sri Lanka along with the money I needed. Since I recently graduated from college, I said if my family and friends wished to give a graduation gift contributing towards my trip that would be extremely helpful.

Amount raised:
83% of Placement Fees

Sri Lanka, November 2018

What did you find most effective?
Both sharing my fundraiser on social media and talking with friends and family in person.

What are your top tips?
• Describe in full detail where you are going, what you will be doing, and why this is important for you or how this placement will be an avenue for growth.
• Reach outside of your comfort zone and share! You never know who is watching.
• Make your fundraiser as easily accessible as possible and keep everyone updated on your progress.
•If you are using social media, tell others how much money you've made towards your goal and how much more you need. Say "THANK YOU!" immediately!

Aurora Trentin