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What did you use to fundraise?
I hosted a cèilidh.

Amount Raised:
43% of the Placement Fee

Bali, July 2018

What did you find most effective?
Sharing my fundraising page on social media, creating different posters explaining my reasons for doing this placement. This helped others to engage in my fundraising and they were more likely to donate.

What are your top tips?
 • The first tip is to be creative, think outside the box and do something unique, it draws peoples attention and they are more likely to donate/attend.
• Make use of local facilities e.g. newspapers, you will be surprised how well they can get the word out and who will be interested, the more people who know the more money you will raise.
• Plan in advance!! It is so important to plan in advance all fundraisers whether it be bake sales or a pub quiz, the longer you leave it the more likely things will get in the way and you won’t raise as much money, you don’t have as much time as you think!!

Aurora Trentin