What did you use to fundraise?
University Funding & Church Donations

Amount raised:
77% of the Placement Fee

Sri Lanka, August 2017

How did you find your fundraising experience?
I was lucky enough to receive funding from both my Church and from University. My uni has a fund designed specifically for those working abroad to both help others and further their own career prospects. I had to fill out an application explaining the benefit to other and to myself, and also had an informal interview. This fund allows a maximum of £500 and i received the full amount.

I also approached my church - I wrote a page and a half explaining what I was doing and how my faith had come into play in the decision. This was discussed at the church meeting and they agreed to give me some money. In return I have been asked to write about my experience on my return home.

What are your top tips?
• Look at the different pockets of funding your uni has and figure out which is most relevant.
• Think about the skills you will be gaining and how these will benefits you.
• Think about the overall benefit of what you are doing - for you and others.