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What did you use to fundraise?
University Grant

Amount raised:
100% of Placement Fee

Sri Lanka, May 2016

How did you find your fundraising experience? 
When I got accepted on the Mental Health placement in Sri Lanka, I was so excited but I knew I needed a bit of a financial nudge in the right direction. I asked SLV.Global for advice and they pointed me in the right direction - my university! I contacted my academic supervisor who was able to get me in contact with the grants department. They covered my full fees and I was able to fly out to Sri Lanka to gain invaluable experience!

What did you find most effective?  
I think giving the University representatives all the right information and letting them know what the placement was about definitely helped. It's important for the university to fully understand what they will be funding.

What are your top tips?
• Show you've done your research
 Don't be afraid to ask unexpected places - you don't have to go to the top of the faculty department to get approval!
• Demonstrate your enthusiasm and proactivity for wanting to join the placement