Albany Ferguson-Smith

What did you use to fundraise?
GoFundMe & Events

Amount raised:
76% of the Placement Fee

Sri Lanka, May 2016

How did you find your fundraising experience?
My experience fundraising for my volunteer trip with SLV.Global was daunting to begin with, I am not going to lie, but you kind of have to throw yourself into it because it's too good an opportunity to miss out on!

I used a wide range of different fundraising events such as hosting coffee mornings and talking to local organisations about my trip, which gave me an opportunity to put a piece of writing in my local newspaper. That then helped to spread the word of my trip through my local town. I just had to keep my enthusiasm throughout and have the reasons of why I chose to volunteer out in Sri Lanka at the centre of my fundraising efforts.

What did you find most effective? 
I found that GoFundMe was really helpful as it helped to spread the meaning behind my trip to a wide range of people and you could share it on social media. I found actually asking people to sponsor me quite difficult to begin with, but once people understood how passionate I was about volunteering out in Sri Lanka it spoke for itself - people then wanted to help make my trip a reality!

What are your top tips?
• Be patient: fundraising does take time and effort.
• Be committed: what you put in is what you get out.
• Just go for it! take the plunge and start spreading the word about what the trip would mean to you and how in turn will benefit those who need our support and resources out in Sri Lanka and Bali.