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What did you use to fundraise?
"I did two bag packing days in two supermarkets in my town and subsequently bought two concert tickets to a popular band and told anyone who donated would be entered into the draw for the tickets."

Amount raised:
100% of the Placement Fee

Sri Lanka, November 2017

What did you find most effective? 
"Being honest. I knew it would be hard to fundraise for a cause abroad so I just spoke to people and explained how this was an amazing opportunity. I helped people understand that it would let me develop my skills abroad, which I would then be able to bring home and use with those in need here. 

What are your top tips?
 Be creative when fundraising.
• Do something that will only cover part of the costs.
• Be honest with business, fundraising for a foreign organisation can be difficult especial when there are many super local organisations at home but if you share your story, you’d be surprise how much there willing to help.

Ellie SLV