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One of our priorities is to make our placements as accessible as possible for everyone, so we aim to keep our costs low. The placement fees cover all workshops, training, transport from the airport, homestay accommodation with two meals a day during the working week and 24-hour support. Please remember you'll also need to factor in finances for flights, visas, insurance, spending money and jabs. All of us on the SLV.Global team were once students too, so we know you're not made of money!

Fundraising is a great option for volunteers who need a little financial push. People's generosity can often surprise you, but if you're squeamish about asking individuals directly please check out the options available from your university. Check out our Fundraisers Hall of Fame for some success stories! 

Of course we know that participating in a placement abroad like this is a big financial responsibility, so we are committed to being ethically priced. What this means is that we don't spend a huge amount of money on advertising and fancy brochures. In fact 70% of our past team members have come from word of mouth. If you don't know anyone who's been away with us please check out our Facebook reviews. 

As much as we'd love to house you and feed you for free...we can't. All of our homestay families are compensated for their role in looking after you and contributing financially to the countries where we work is integral to the ethicality of our organisation. Working with, and employing, local people who know these countries best is crucial to our success. These individuals, coupled with our international team, are there to provide 24-hour support to keep you safe.