The facilitators on our Clinical and Ancient Psychology Program in India are all specialists in their chosen field. Whether their background is in psychiatry, psychology or neuroscience, or their expertise is more holistic in nature, like yoga or meditation, these practitioners are all massively experienced, hugely accomplished and happy to share their knowledge with you. 

In the early part of your first week the workshops are led by an array of passionate professionals. From clinical psychologists, who also happen to be yogis, to experts in lesser known treatments like Self-Actualisation Chakra Meditation, you'll be stimulated both physically and intellectually for the duration of your time at the stunning School of Ancient Wisdom

The remainder of your first week is then spent learning from numerous outstanding clinicians from, and at, one of the top five facilities for mental health treatment on the planet. From lectures and workshops about treatment methods in Asia like; The Cultural Foundations of Psychiatry, to discussions around Psycho-social and Cultural Barriers of Persons and Families Seeking Mental Health Services, there's no shortage of fascinating topics to cover.