Welcome to SLV.Global!

This handy pack outlines the many benefits available to you simply for being part of our amazing team! Some of these start from the time you do, and other perks become accessible to you as you continue to grow and evolve along with us to help us meet our ultimate objective. 

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SLV.Global’s ultimate objective

“To be universally recognised as the key organisation providing quality global mental health experience and promoting positive mental health worldwide”

As an employee of SLV.Global, you are integral to helping us achieve our ultimate objective. Although we always work as a team, your respective department will also have collective and individual additional objectives for you to meet.


Practicing what we preach

SLV.Global is a mental health organisation. As such, it is important to us that we promote positive mental health abroad on our placements, as well as at home in our office.

We want to ensure that our employees feel valued and cared for, which is why we have designed a range of benefits to help increase job satisfaction and assure that everyone has the support they need to be able to work effectively and productively.

Below you will find the details of your employee benefits and details of when these will commence. If you have any questions about employee benefits, or would like to make any suggestions about further employee goodies, please feel free to email [email protected] 

Benefits from July, 2018

All employees

+ Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

As an employee of SLV.Global you are enrolled in our EAP scheme, which can assist and support you with any number of matters from mental health concerns to finance management.

You are given access to www.cic-eap.co.uk who offer every staff member at SLV.Global 24/7/365 independent and completely confidential employee assistance, support and advice services.

Whatever the situation, the EAP consultants, who are fully qualified counsellors or psychotherapists, will help support you to face any issues that may come up and, if needed, they will put you in touch with an expert for extra support.

We are passionate about support and want you to be able to access this as and when you might want it. We ask that you make your appointments outside of working hours if possible, but if it is not we can offer you flexi-hours as required.

Full-time employees 

+ Three additional paid personal days per year

We understand that you might want some time off to do life admin or work on your mental health. These three extra days are all yours from now.

+ Christmas paid time off! 🎅🏾

As standard you will receive the three days between the Christmas bank holidays and New Year as part of your annual paid holiday allowance. YAY! Happy holidays! ☃️


New benefits from January, 2019 

All employees

+ Pensions

This may sound boring but is important, grown-up stuff.

  • New starters: You pay in 3% of your salary automatically to your pension scheme and we match it!
  • If you've been with us for one - three years, we'll match your contribution up to 4%!
  • If you've been with us for three years or more, we'll match your contributions up to 5%!

+ Over 75% off our placements

All SLV.Global employees are welcome to join our Clinical and Ancient Psychology Program in India for over 75% off! The first week of the trip also does not need to be taken as holiday, but the second week does. All you need to pay is your £250 Placement Acceptance Fee. Go! Learn!

For Bali & Sri Lanka, because of the length of these placements, advance approval would need to be given by your manager and would be subject to availability and length of time you have been working with us.

+ Snacks

We want to ensure that you always have something to drink, nibble and some magic tea (that means booze) on Fridays! Help yourself to tea, coffee, crisps, fruit etc and let us know if you prefer a different type of milk, or tea.

+ Yearly social events and parties

We are a team that likes to party. No, really, wait until you see Lucy on the dancefloor. As a result, we like to celebrate the success of our teams by throwing parties when we reach key milestones throughout the year.

+ Days off for volunteering or social action

This is for employees who have been with SLV.Global for over two years and are missing ‘hands on helping’ or who want to go march at a rally that is important to them. Speak to your manager and let's see what we can do.

Full-time employees

+ Working from home & flexible working hours

We love the natural buzz in our office; good music, good vibes, good job! However, we understand that this “buzz” can, on occasion, be distracting if you’ve got a big project on the go or have other stuff going on. If you would like to occasionally work from home, please discuss this with your manager and, if it's possible, we’ll make it happen.

The same goes for varying your working hours. If you need to start late or finish early, just let your manager know as early as possible and we will do our best to make it work.

+ Increased paid holiday allowance

We know that time off and time away is conducive to positive mental health, so we offer you 34 days of paid holiday each year, in total, as standard! This is inclusive of public holidays, three days between X-mas and New Year and three personal days to help increase your level of self-care.

Plus...the longer you remain working for us, the more holiday you can accrue.

  • One - three years: we will add an extra two days to that = 36 days
  • Three + years: a further two days = 38 days total!


All holidays need to be agreed, and approved, by your manager in advance. We actively encourage people to take more time off during your department’s non-busy times, which for most of the London team is the summer.

Holidays are to be taken and can not be carried over to the next year. Take a staycation, go to Brighton for the day, whatever you want, but you need to use it or lose it.

+ Interest-free loans

Moving house and need help with the deposit? Want to save money by buying a yearly travel card? We can help by providing you with an interest-free loan. You can repay this through your wages at no interest with terms that suit you.

+ Cycle-to-work and Tech schemes

We can help you with all things bike and tech! These schemes allow you to buy any cycling equipment or tech (from laptops, to the fancy headphones you have been admiring!) from your pre-tax pay.

+ Sabbaticals

Want even more time away? Fancy travelling the world for six months? It’s possible. A Sabbatical is unpaid time away from your job with the promise that your job will be waiting for you when you return.

We hope you're as excited about these these extras as we are. We know how hard you all work and we want to reward you for it. Of course we know that another way we can show our appreciation to you is through your salaries and bonuses, which we have formalised from 2019 and are outlined below. 

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Salaries from January, 2019

To promote trust and ensure transparency within the organisation, we have set salary bands, which have been formulated based on current roles within the organisation.

This transparency not only allows us, as a team, to see what we're all working towards collectively, but also helps to foster an open work environment. We want our team to know that we are an organisation that cares for our employees and that we want everyone to be treated well and equally.

There are four potential pay bands within the organisation and where you fit is based on your previous experience, which you come into the organisation with, and/or the amount of time you have worked with us.

+ Entry level

£8.50 - £11.00 per hour + Bonuses offered on a monthly basis.
This band is for those who are new to the organisation and who often work part time hours.

+ Band 1

22 - 25k + 1.5k Potential Bonuses.
This band is for those who have worked with us for a year on a full-time basis.

+ Band 2

25 - 32k + 1.5k Potential Bonuses.
This band is for managers, for those joining the organisation with previous experience working elsewhere or for those who have worked with us for more than two years on a full-time basis.

+ Band 3

33 - 35K + 1.5k Potential Bonuses.
This band is for heads of department, for those who are joining the organisation as such and for those within the organisation who manage two or more people and have worked with us for two - three years full-time.

+ Band 4

40k + Bonuses.
This band is for Directors responsible for creating and maintaining the growth of the organisation through strategy and development

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