Obtaining a DBS or Criminal background check before your SLV.Global placement

It’s paramount that we safeguard our service users while working on projects. This means overseeing all necessary risk assessments for the facilities themselves as well as ensuring we are providing trusted individuals to work with clients. Working with children and vulnerable adults means that often we have to advocate on their behalf and part of that advocacy is recruiting trusted, knowledgeable volunteers to work at our projects. We ask all participants to obtain a valid Basic Disclosure to evidence good character, and without one, you will be unable to participate in the placement.

Please upload any valid DBS/Criminal Background Check to your SLV.Global Portal or obtain a new check if you do not currently hold one. You can apply for this here if you live in the UK. Please follow the links here if you are an American, Irish or Australian national for some additional info. The process will differ for wherever you live in the world, so you will need to do some research into the process. It is your responsibility to provide this information to us pre-departure by the deadline. If you have further questions about criminal checks please do get in touch on info@slv.global and we can advise you further.

We’re sure you agree that the safety of the service users we work with should be everyone’s top priority. Obtaining these checks from our team members is therefore not only responsible, but necessary.