SLV.Global Volunteer Coordinator


SLV.Global Volunteer Coordinator

Coordinators are an integral part of the SLV.Global operating team overseas. As an International Coordinator, you are a representative of SLV.Global and our partners at all times, though you are still a volunteer, contributing to the success of the placement is your top priority.

Coordinators reside in homestays with volunteers and have a full volunteering timetable. Coordinators also have pastoral responsibilities like escorting ill volunteers to hospital and providing emotional support. The role can be challenging and you should be prepared to support all other team members in Bali to ensure the success of the placement. In compensation for the increased duties of your role as coordinator we will reduce your placement fees. 

Coordinators should be a constant and approachable figure throughout a volunteer's placement. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the key responsibilities of a coordinator.

  • Volunteer safety
  • Motivating volunteers
  • Supporting and problem solving
  • Upholding and adhering to SLV.Global rules and guidelines regarding homestays and project conduct
  • Role modelling volunteer best practice behaviour and communicating between Senior staff and volunteers

Coordinators must agree to abide by the Homestay and Culture Codes of Conduct and remain professional throughout all aspects of your placement. Punctual and organised, Coordinators liaise with area Supervisors and Operations Managers as required.

The Bali Mental Health Placements require Coordinators be highly adaptable. We expect Coordinators to help out wherever needed to ensure the success of the program. Coordinators are part of the behind-the-scenes team and expected to assist when and where needed. Helping with welcoming volunteers, orientations and pre-arrival planning can mean occasionally staying late on Fridays, missing projects, or working through public holidays when required.

Please send your CV with a cover letter to to be considered for future SLV.Global Coordinator opportunities.