Booking your flights

If you've looked through your SLV.Global Portal documents you'll have seen that we recommend you book your flights no more than 3 months before your placement to protect yourself should the unexpected arise. However, we also know that people like to book early to get the best deal.

Our partner, Student Universe, have access to both student and youth fares on flights, which means you're likely to find the lowest price with them. Even better, you can also secure the flights you want with a small deposit, therefore protecting your investment and following our advice. Smart stuff! They also provide travel insurance.

You can can use the search tool below to check out Student Universe's current deals on flights. If you have questions you can always contact them on..... 

Important things to remember

There are lots of different airlines that fly to Sri Lanka, most of them have a stopover, but Sri Lankan Air flies direct. Please arrive on the day of your placement between 7am and 5pm. We will come and collect you from Bandaranaike International Airport and take you to your homestay. 

If you arrive in the country early, please organise your own accommodation until the day your placement begins and we’ll arrange a time for you to meet us at the airport on pickup day, so we can take you to your homestay with the rest of your team. 

Unfortunately, your homestay is not able to host you early, as they will be making preparations for your team’s arrival. Also, all the other volunteers already in country will be away for the weekend, so it’s best you head somewhere to relax before your placement begins. You deserve it! Please check accommodation on Trip Advisor before booking, as they will have the most up-to-date information and reviews of any guesthouses.

Your final day on placement is the Friday of your final week so you'll be working at projects until the late afternoon, please bear in mind that SLV.Global is not responsible for your transport back to the airport once your placement finishes and that the airport is not close to your homestay. We’re happy to help you book a taxi, but please budget approximately £40/€50/$55 (in rupees) for the trip. 

If, in addition to your placement in Sri Lanka, you are also taking part in our India program please contact our team before booking your flights, as you will need to book your flight home on a different day.