World Mental Health Day 2018

Young People & Mental Health in a Changing World


The World Federation for Mental Health is focusing the 2018 World Mental Health Day campaign on Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World.

The number of young people affected by mental health concerns has been increasing worldwide. The pressure to fit in, to be liked, to be seen as successful and to present a perfect life via social media is significant, but often the mental health resources available to this population are lacking.

As an organisation, much of the work we do, whether in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India or the UK, focuses on building mental resilience, promoting inclusion and fostering a safe space for young people to express themselves. Our numerous projects working with young people centre around role modelling and running interactive activities designed to build key life skills and cultivate positive self regard.

Our SLV.Global teams have been creating diverse and innovative ways to bring attention to the issues that young people are facing in our world today. From creating educational materials about how to prevent cyber bullying, to supporting our project partners in campaigning, our team are working together, across the world to emphasise the needs of our young people and begin the conversation around what they need to grow up healthy & resilient. #worldmentalhealthday


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In Sri Lanka, this week, all of our 150 volunteers have been using the theme of this year’s WMHD to help create ideas for the sessions they will be running at their respective projects. And we have already seen some amazing ideas being put in to action. From creating posters with the message - “it’s ok, to not be ok” which are being translated into Sinhala & Tamil, to interviewing young people at our English for Development (EFD) projects about what mental health means to them and creating a video to raise awareness and help to reduce stigma around this topic.


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Our participants on our Ancient & Clinical Psychology Program have a busy day today touring a state-of-the-art mental health facility in India, and attending seminars with the top clinicians. The sun has been shining today in India and, if it keeps, our participants will join in an awareness campaign in the beautiful Bangaluru Botanical Gardens.


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In Bali, our team’s discussions and sessions for young people have focused around how the world we live in is changing at an unprecedented rate. From the way we communicate and engage with each other, to the way we learn and how we live. Together they are creating ideas to increase the well-being, self awareness and positive self-regard for the numerous youth projects where they work. By increasing the frequency of personal, meaningful interactions between volunteers and between service users, that reach beyond the often distorted lens of social media, our team is helping to make a future where we can all be “Influencers of a different kind”.

Our SLV.Global Ambassadors across the globe

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We’ve enjoyed hearing what our stupendous SLV.Global Ambassadors will be up to today. From creating safe spaces to chat, to handing out free hot chocolate, to providing support to various mental health organisations around the world! We want to give you guys massive congrats for getting out there and making such a positive impact on your local communities! Check out our @slvglobalambassador Instagram for updates.


Our team at London HQ have been invited to attend a Koreo event this evening where we’ll be hearing from people doing incredible things in the field of mental health. We’re hoping to not only receive an education, but some inspiration as well! We’ll be sure to let you know how it goes and if anyone’s in London, please join us!

To see how SLV.Global World Mental Health Day unfolds - check us out on Instagram!

Aurora Trentin