What Resources do I Need on Placement?

You're in charge at your projects. There's no shadowing and we expect you to really take control. This means planning fun, interactive sessions. And session planning is the time for you to do this. This is where you structure your sessions for the week ahead. 

All your sessions need to have a similar aim and that is to promote mental health. Whether you're in the same classroom or psychiatric facility, we really want you to put that same amount of effort in, and that is to promote that positive mental health experience. This really is your time to shine, so think outside the crayon box. 

Consider the skills and abilities of your service users. Think about things such as cognitive functions, short-term memory, sensory stimulation, spatial awareness, and communication. But don't be limited to just these things. Be inventive. Take your time to research psychological theories and constructs that back up your session plans. It really is true, you get out what you put in. So really, really go for it. You may even surprise yourself.