Top 5 Places to Look For Psychology Summer Internships

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When you’re a psychology student and you’re looking for a summer psychology internship to grow your skill set, it’s important to know where to look, and it can often be difficult and overwhelming to do so. There are so many ports to go to when you’re looking for experience, and the first place to go, we would recommend, is your university or college.

  1. University or College

Most universities or colleges have careers offices ready to help you every step of the way, and most of them also partner with organisations and companies that are ready and available to help you gain experience in psychology. Talk to your university and see what’s available - you never know what might pop up!

2. Organisations’ websites

Websites are also a great way to search for work experience opportunities and internships. Go Abroad, for example is a one-stop-website for all your experience seeking needs, and also classifies organisations based on reviews and awards. They are super current and update their website according to volunteer feedback. SLV.Global is among their top rated volunteering organisations and they run psychology internships!!! (Check them out!)

3. Local Psychological Associations

Whether you’re in the USA or UK, you will have a psychological entity like the BPS or the APA who help organise and dictate how psychological practises are set out in these countries. Always look on their websites for any interesting opportunities and you might just find the one for you.

4. Job Search Websites

You can always look on job websites like Reed or Indeed as they often display opportunities for you to volunteer or intern with companies and organisations ready to develop your skill set and set you off into the world of psychological work. However, if your search is more specific, you can look on the actual organisation’s website and get a feel of what they offer.

5. SLV.Global

SLV.Global is a mental health organisation that runs placements abroad for psychology students and graduates. Their aim is to promote mental health and bolster existing resources while in country, but also provide students and graduates with valuable experience that is transferable and applicable to other areas. Definitely check us out - we’re great!

There are so many places you can go if you’re looking for a summer psychology internship and it’s up to you, and what you find easy, to decide which best fits your search. Good luck looking and may the experience be with you!!!