Important Lessons You'll Learn as an Undergraduate Psychology Intern


On the job-hunting scene, especially for psychology, it’s a quick and harsh reality that without some form of relevant work experience you are not going to land that job you want. This is where the internships come in, but there’s so much more to gain from your time as an undergraduate psychology intern than just the hours.

1. How to make your social media ‘job friendly’

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Before you really go for it - making your applications and networking with employers - check over your social media. In today’s world, employers do check the online profile of any potential candidates so you need to make sure there’s no reason for them to think twice about taking you on as an intern! Have a quick spring clean of your social media...If there’s anything you wouldn’t want your family to see, you don’t want potential employers seeing it either.

2. Learning to be okay with being the eager beaver

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Landing an internship is an opportunity for you to get experience but also to show your boss why they can’t afford to let you go once your internship is over! There is always the opportunity for you to gain full time employment after an internship, so show your enthusiasm and absorb everything you can about the company whilst you’re there. Go above and beyond your ‘intern’ title and it won’t go unnoticed.

3. Time management

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As an undergraduate psychology intern, you mind find that you have a lot of different tasks to juggle all at once. This is a great opportunity to improve your time management skills, work out how to prioritise tasks and show your dedication to getting things done.

4. Flexibility (not of the bendy kind)

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Leading on from time management, you might find that you’re being asked to do things last minute or tasks that you are completely unfamiliar with. This is something you’ll face in any career you go into - especially in psychology as the types of people you work with is so varied. Learning how to adapt to lots of different situations is an important skill you’ll develop during your time as an intern, whatever the type you get into.

An undergraduate psychology internship is a great stepping stone to landing the job you’ve been working so hard for but it’s not all going to be plain sailing - so learn all the lessons you can from the process, whether good or bad! Looking to be an intern abroad? SLV.Global could provide you with the opportunity you’ve been hoping for.

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