How to Set up a Fundraising Page for your Mental Health Placement

Setting up a fundraising page is pretty painless and the joy of social media means that hundreds of people can see your appeal at a time! Previous volunteers have had a lot of success with pages before. Here's our guide to creating the ultimate fundraising page.

1. Choose your site

There are plenty to choose from, but be careful, as we are not a charity you'll need to go onto a personal fundraising page like or Pay attention to the fees they charge. We think that anything over 6% is too high!

2. Make your goal clear

How much do you want to raise and what's it for? Will you fund your own flights and only fundraise for placement fees? Will you try and raise the full amount? Will you only fundraise for your resources? Make sure you have a clear aim before writing your text.

3. Pick your pics wisely

We ask you to use photos off our website, Instagram or Facebook only. We prohibit photos being taken at projects to avoid exploitation, so choosing a photo of impoverished children you found on Google does not reflect our ethics, so please don't do that. We suggest using photos of the team at work, it will help to dispel any ideas that you're going away on holiday. Trust us, we work you hard.

4. Be honest and don't sensationalise

ALWAYS link back to our website so people can check us out for themselves. People are unlikely to part with any cash if they can't check out where it's going first. Also, if you make out like you're going to "save the world" it's a big turn-off for donors. Use text from our website to make sure you are saying things that sound realistic and achievable. For example, those on the Mental Health Placement could say:

"'ll be working at a psychiatric facility for one half day a week and a rehabilitation centre for another half day, getting hands-on work experience with individuals suffering with mental health issues in Sri Lanka. I'll also get to work on other projects too, so I'll have the chance to use my skills in other areas and really apply my knowledge in a less traditional way. "

5. Get social on social media

Finally, Don't be shy, share that page! The more visible you are the more likely you are to raise that cash! Share, share, share!

Lee MLee