SLVunion: End of Summer 2018 Party

Our SLVunion: End of Summer 2018 Party was on Friday 7th September and safe to say the evening was a true success.

We were lucky enough to have Yasintha, SLV.SriLanka Co-Founder, and Gangika, SLV.SriLanka Operations Manager, visiting for a week and their presence definitely made the reunion all the more special.

It was so lovely to see all our past volunteers from 2018, and beyond, to catch up and hear their accounts of their time in Sri Lanka, Bali and India. We loved hearing the wonderful stories you brought back from your placements this Summer, and hearing what you’ve been up to if you joined us a while ago.

The evening was the perfect opportunity for old friends to revisit memories and for new friends to meet under the SLV.Global umbrella.

Thank you to everyone who came out on Friday to help make the evening memorable!

Here are some snaps.

If you’d like to continue your SLV.Global experience post-placement and are still studying at University, get in touch with Claudia to find out more about our SLV.Global Ambassador positions.

Aurora Trentin