Our Five Year Evaluation Report

SLV.Global Report.jpg

We're very proud to announce the completion of our Five Year Evaluation Report, written in partnership with clinical psychologist, Dr. Laura Kemmis. This report has been designed to give readers a real insight into the work we've been undertaking in Sri Lanka, and the overall impact our work has made to the Sri Lankan community, thus far. Through surveys, focus groups and external assessment we worked with all of our over 120 projects in Sri Lanka to gauge our impact and to look at future considerations for how we can further improve the work we do.

Whether working with at-risk youths through the medium of English teaching, or through running creative sessions for inpatients in psychiatric facilities, the overwhelming result was that relations between staff and service users has improved since we began working in Sri Lanka. The data also shows that since our arrival in Sri Lanka service users have had more opportunities to engage in meaningful, additional therapies and activities to improve not only their quality of life, but their future prospects as well. We were both moved and motivated by these results and are so proud of the work our teams have done. 

It's imperative to highlight the obvious, which is that none of anything we do would be possible without the volunteers who make a huge time commitment, as well as investing a lot of money, effort and emotion into their placements. Previous volunteer team members, you should be so proud of your accomplishments, which are outlined in number throughout the pages of this report. Please share this document liberally with all your friends and family so they can celebrate you accordingly.

We understand that volunteers may not always see the lasting impact they have during their limited time abroad with us and we wanted to show everyone who has shared their skills and their valuable time with us how much their contribution matters. This report not only demonstrates that this work is important to both service users and staff at projects, but also to the community as a whole.

We also want to extend a huge amount of thanks and gratitude to our SLV.Sri Lanka team, and family, for all their help with this report, as well as all of our project partners and local professionals who contributed. A special thanks to Dr. Laura Kemmis for joining us in Sri Lanka in 2012 and again in 2017, we are so grateful for your continued support of what we do. 

We hope you enjoy reading our report, but if you'd prefer to just take a peek at the highlights, you can watch the video below. 

Lee M