How Working In The SLV.Global Head Office Helped Me Get Ahead


Education: BSc Psychology - University of London, UK and MSc Early Intervention in Psychosis - King's College London, UK, Future PhD student in Psychiatric Epidemiology - Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Volunteer Happiness Officer: June 2014 – February 2017

Working as a SLV.Global Happiness Officer definitely helped me to get ahead and to get onto my Masters. Although my 5 weeks on placement in Sri Lanka in 2014 was really eye opening in terms of global mental health and how different countries take different approaches to treatment, working in the office was most useful for me. Interviewing people on the phone using competency based questions in order to identify strengths and capability gaps helped me so much as an Assistant Psychologist; being able to use the right tone when people are talking about their (sometimes sensitive) experiences whilst still getting all the information I needed to make decisions.

Replying to emails and answering volunteer questions whilst maintaining the company image is important for whatever job you go into. Part of my role at SLV.Global was to travel to universities across the country, giving presentations to undergraduate students about SLV.Global with an aim to recruit volunteers. This was key in my masters and PhD applications as the ability to present in front of a group of people is something that you often have to do.

During my studies I worked part time in the SLV.Global office, as well as working as a support worker for young people leaving care and as an Assistant Psychologist in a First Episode Psychosis team. I now work in the Department of Health as a Policy Advisor for Adult Social Care, where we manage overall market risk and work closely with the NHS planning how to increase winter resilience and reduce delayed transfers of care from hospitals. In April, I will be starting a PhD in Psychiatric Epidemiology, looking into how we can use cognition in an attempt to better predict psychosis.

My position with SLV.Global was a great preparatory role and has helped me to strengthen my interpersonal communication skills as well as sharpen up my admin, presentation and interview skills. It was also great being part of such a welcoming, supportive team. Apply today to see for yourself.